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Altitude Camp at La Loma

Often times when I tell people that I am going to Mexico to train for a month I get reactions that are a mix of surprise and concern. After all, there are plenty of places within the US to train at altitude. On the surface, a training camp in Mexico seems complicated. You’re talking about international travel, a different currency, a language barrier. Is it safe? Can you eat the food? I’m fortunate enough to have many people in my life that care about me, and as such I’ve had to field and deflect these questions a number of times.
The reality is that where we come to live and train, at La Loma Centro Deportivo in San Luis Potosi, is anything but complicated. The set up here packages together state of the art training facilities, healthy meals prepared for us, and apartments attached to the training center. It allows for a very simple routine where all we have to do is run, eat, and sleep (and we mostly sleep!). On top of that, the park where we do our daily runs, Parque Tangamanga is an easy five minute drive away and the weather is pleasant and predicable. Everyday has had a high between 80 and 84 degrees. It makes the lifestyle here easy and allows us to make the most of the one thing we came here to do: run.
So far my training has been going really well and I am continuing to make progress. I’ve been doing a mix of on and off track work. At La Loma there is a mondo track with a one mile dirt loop around the complex that is marked every 100m and allows for blending on and off track work in one session. There is also another, softer track a few minutes away, and Parque Tangamanga has several different loops that are marked every 1000m for longer pace work. I’ve taken full advantage of all of these and appreciate that there is easy access to a variety of options for workouts. There is also a physical therapist on site who I’ve been seeing weekly to help ensure that I continue to be able to make the most of all the training options!
Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going here. Of course, I am eager to return home and have the track season begin, but for now since I have to be patient and keep training I am happy to be doing it in a beautiful climate in the company of friends and other elite athletes from around the world.

A glimpse of the mile loop at La Loma

The track at La Loma

The weight room at La Loma

Treadmills and cross training options

Softer track