Monthly Archives: June 2012

Final Pieces

I’ve been in Tahoe for the last two weeks for another short altitude stint before the Olympic Trials. The nice thing about Tahoe is that it is very easy to descend to lower elevations to get in track workouts so that I can continue race specific work. Last week I went to Reno to do a workout at the University of Nevada Reno (~4000ft) and on Saturday I went to Auburn to do a workout at Placer High School (~1500ft). Both workouts were great and overall my training cycle here has gone really well. I’ve been staying at a condo in Northstar and most days traveling to Burton Creek State Park on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. It has a lot of gently rolling, very runnable trails and is definitely the best discovery of this trip. North Tahoe High School with their all-weather track sits on the edge of it which works out perfectly for strides or anything “extra” after a run.
On Wednesday I’m heading from here to Oregon where I will remain through the Olympic Trials at the end of June. The first stop is Portland for the Portland Track Festival where I will pace four miles of the 10k on Friday night and then come back and race the 1500 on Saturday night. This is my third year running at the Portland Track Festival and it has always served as a great tune up for USA’s and seems to attract more athletes every year. From there I’ll go to Corvallis for the final two weeks leading up to the trials.
I am greatly looking forward to toeing the line this weekend and racing once more before the big show in Eugene. The sense of excitement I have for the Olympic Trials is building every day and I can’t wait to get to Oregon and into the home stretch for this spring season!

Condo at Northstar

Back porch at condo

Martis Meadow at Northstar

Lake Tahoe