Upcoming races

-Olympic Games 5000m; August 7th & August 10 (pending qualification); London, England

  1. Nice work, Kim. I am new to the Davis area, and I’m looking for someone to run with. Please let me know if you’re up for company. Thanks! (email: pepinme@gmail.com)

  2. Upcoming races: London Olympic Games 5,000m!!!!

  3. Brad and Bev Zanetti

    you are a STUD! One of the best races i’ve ever seen and every highschool coach in america should show your race as an example of extreme preparation, racing smarts/effort/guts.
    thanks for the show
    from your MHS family

  4. Your awesome 5k race in the Olympic Trials is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. What an incredible last few hundred meters, and a finish for the ages. My wife and I have watched the race (esp the end), and the crowd and your reaction to the time/A standard, a few times and it will never get old. Simply amazing. Inspiriation to never give up. We’ll definitely be watching you in the Olympics! Congratulations!

  5. Happened to catch your qualifying race on some obscure video lead in and was honestly thrilled that I was given the opportunity to watch. I am not a track and field person just a retired middle aged jock that played sports for the thrill of competition. I applaud your effort and have passed your trials performance video on to some of my friends. As for the Olympics, you’re a big dog now so go out and mark your territory and run with the pack.

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